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Pure PTFE Packing Rope Applications


Product Details:

Pure PTFE Packing Rope is woven from pure PTFE fiber, and is not treated with PTFE emulsion and lubricating grease. 

Because it is made of solid braid and is flexible and adjustable, it can be well matched with shafts and stuffing boxes. 

It has excellent corrosion resistance, good self-lubrication and anti-sticking properties. 

Pure PTFE Packing Rope is recommended for chemical, Food, food, etc. 

where contamination is not allowed, and can also be used for all chemical media except soluble alkali metals.

Applicated equipment: Pumps, valves, flanges.

Applicated industry: Food industry, medicine, papermaking, chemical fiber, fine chemical industry, etc., are not allowed in pollution operation occasions.

Applicated medium:It is suitable for all media except molten alkali metals and free fluoride ions.

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