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Butter cotton yarn packing rope


The tallow cotton yarn packing rope is made of high-quality cotton yarn, which is completely impregnated with silicone oil or lubricating oil during the weaving process. It has self-lubricating properties, good flexibility and elastic sealing properties.

Applicable equipment: rotary pump, plunger pump, reciprocating pump, valve stem, etc.
Applicable industries: petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, fertilizer, power generation, aviation, aerospace and other industrial equipment.
Applicable medium: water, steam, industrial water, gas, etc.

Butter cotton yarn packing rope can be divided into: butter cotton yarn packing rope, white oil cotton yarn packing rope:
Packing rope is also called sealing packing. It is usually woven from softer threads and filled into the sealed cavity by strips with a square, rectangular, or circular cross-sectional area to achieve sealing. The packing seal was originally used as cotton and linen and other fibers to be plugged in the leakage channel to prevent the liquid flow from leaking, and was mainly used as the shaft seal of the water lifting machine. Because of the wide sources of fillers, easy processing, low price, reliable sealing, and simple operation, it is still used today. Packing is now widely used in centrifugal pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, mixers and ship propeller shaft seals, piston pumps, reciprocating compressors, refrigerating machine reciprocating shaft seals, as well as various valve stem rotating seals, etc. .
1: There is a certain degree of elasticity and plasticity. When the packing is compressed in the axial direction, it can produce a larger radial compression force to obtain a seal; when the machine and the shaft are vibrated or the shaft is beating and eccentric, it can have a certain compensation ability (following);
2: Chemical stability. It is neither corroded, swollen, nor polluted by the medium;
3: Impermeability. The medium has some penetration into most fibers, so the packing is required to have a dense structure. For this reason, it is often necessary to impregnate and fill various lubricants and fillers when making the packing;
4: Good self-lubricity, low friction coefficient and wear resistance;  
5: Temperature resistance. It can withstand a certain temperature after friction heating;
6: Easy to disassemble;   
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